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In the early Twentieth Century, holder of the post of Interior Minister was called:"The Interior Superintendent". The title was used till 1919 when World War I broke out and Britain declared Egypt as a protectorate. As a consequence, some political posts and titles were changed and the "superintendent" was among the titles included; it was changed to a Minister. Tahseen Rushdi Bashi was the first person to hold the title of Interior Minister in Egypt.

As time went on, many Prime Ministers assumed the post of Interior Minister – in addition to their Premiership- being among the posts having major control over the internal events. The post enabled its holder to control elections, select executives and have an eye on political opponents. When Saad Basha Zaghloul assumed the Interior Minister post in 1934 – along with his premiership- the Ministry was characterized with a political trend. He tended to dismiss persons who opposed his ideas and began to employ and promote those who struggled with him. Ever since, and for a long time, the Ministry employees were left under the mercy of political changes and election results. But when the famous thinker, writer and lawyer Mr. Ahmed Lotfy El-Sayed was appointed as an Interior Minister, stability prevailed the Ministry.

When Egypt was proclaimed a republic in 1953, Gamal Abdel Naser ; member of the Revolution Council – and later on the President of the Republic – was keen on assuming the post of Interior Minister, in an attempt to proceed in the career path he planned for himself.

Interior Minister's post – like other major posts in Egypt- was assumed for a long time by non-Egyptian ministers with no police or security background. Currently, it is a must that the Interior Minister be a descendant of Egyptian parents and a graduate of Police College. Premiers are no longer capable of assuming both posts as Interior Minister's post has become completely separate due to the enormous and significant tasks it entails; being directly in charge of preserving citizens' security , safety and properties. The Interior Minister has to relinquish his title as a police general and his name is only preceded by the title (Mr.).