About the Information and Relations Sector

The researcher at the roots of history clearly finds that public relations have been known since ancient times. In the early ages of human life, primitive tribes needed the media to take care of their interests and preserve their survival. The head of the tribe was entrusted with mobilizing public opinion when needed. In parallel with the progress of civilization, public relations methods have been developed. The archeologists in Iraq have found an agricultural publication dating back to 1800 BC. The concept of public relations in the governmental field is defined as the need for a specialized public relations department fully aware of its responsibilities and capable of fulfilling its duties.

Historical View

The Ministry of the Interior as one of the main state institutions realized the importance of having a specialized entity with high efficiency.
In 1965, the Ministerial decree No.169 was issued on the organization of the Department of Moral Affairs and defined its functions which strengthen the good relations between the police and the people, raises awareness among citizens, and it is also concerned with the welfare of the cultural, social and health affairs of policemen and strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation between them.
In 1966, Ministerial decree No. 168 was issued to establish a section for moral guidance.

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Public services provided by the Department

Sector activities and sub-divisions

The main activities of the sector

1 - Formulating the security media message and communicating with the print media in relation to security incidents.

2 - Providing mass media with news and data issued by the ministry in a way that is commensurate with the development witnessed by the media and the speed of news circulation.

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Sub-sections of the Sector

  • 1- Information Technology Department
  • 2- Security Information Center
  • 3- Media Production Department
  • 4- International Relations Department
  • 5- Social Relations Department
  • 6- Protocol and Communication with the Armed Forces Department
  • 7- General Department of Humanitarian Relations and, Martyrs' Families and Police Victims Care

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