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Ministry of Interior attaches great attention towards tourist security, as it is considered one of the fundamental poles of National Income in Egypt. It started since 1949 when Tourism Police Department was established mainly to serve Ministry of Tourism. In 1956, the Department has become responsible for museums, ancient palaces and Egyptian Museum. In 1963, the title has officially become "Tourism, Museums and Antiquities Security Department", subordinate to Public Security Department.

Historical Creation of the region

In 1976, Ministry of Interior has established a separate department responsible for Tourism security named Tourism and Antiquities Police General Department, according to Ministerial Decree No. 39/1976. The Department is officially responsible of security of installations, worship locations, and ancient and tourist sites, besides guarding tourists during their visit to Egypt (places of accommodation, places of visits, moving in and between the cities…etc.) according to an integrated security system in coordination with Ministry security sectors concerned.

Public services provided by the sector

Sector activities and sub-divisions

The main activities

Tourism and Antiquities Police General Department is responsible for all details concerning all tourism activities inside the country (places of accommodation ...
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Sub-sections of the area

Management of tourist residences - Management of tourism and the effects of Cairo - Department of Tourism Cairo - Khan Al Khalili Tourism Section
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