About Human Rights

Human rights sector objectivies are Enhancing human rights practices by raising awareness among the Ministry personnel. Setting plans and developing programs necessary to support human rights according to national law and constitution, in addition to international instruments which Egypt adopted. Communicating with citizens, organizations and institutions concerned with the same field according to the national law.
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Historical Creation of the region

The idea of his presence began in the form of a Higher Committee for Human Rights since the issuance of Ministerial Decision No. 22562 of 2001 and its amendments. It was then developed until the Minister of Interior's decision No. 2694 for the year 2012 regarding the establishment of the human rights sector in the Ministry of Interior. On the definition of the specific competences and duties of the organs of the human rights sector.

Public services provided by the sector

Sector activities and sub-divisions

The main activities

  • -Spreading the culture and concepts of human rights among employees of the ministry.
  • -Holding training courses and organizing conferences, seminars and workshops in coordination with the competent ministry.
  • -Monitor any violations of human rights in policing sites and identify the causes and motives, and discuss ways to remove them and how to remedy them and information about the facts through the media and relations with the ministry.
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Sub-sections of the area

Firstly . The Ministry of Interior is responsible for the interaction of the human rights sector with the aim of interaction, cooperation and positive communication with governmental and private bodies, institutions and organizations following coordination with relevant ministry bodies, including transferring ideas and experiences, exchanging experiences and knowledge, and eliminating any causes that cause tension between The police and its components.
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